Getting a Loan or Using Your Savings: Which is the Best Option to Buy a New Car?

There are many options available to you if you plan on car ownership. You could fund your car fully or partially with your money, relying heavily on your savings. And you could get loans from friends, families, and financial agents.

Also, if you want to, you could decide on hire purchase with periodic installments, and there is a personal contract purchase that differs with hire in terms of what to pay as installments and how to pay it.

In all, getting a car with your savings or through a loan is a decision of choice and budget. Checking through the opinions of car users on websites such as, there is a variety of opinions on loans options, especially on what users consider more ideal between getting a car with savings or through a loan. Using that metric, we have assessed the pros and cons of both loan options to determine which really stands out.

Using Your Savings to Get a Car

This is as simple and literal as it sounds. Except that it involves other decisions and considerations. If you are looking toward this option, you need to know the running costs and even the overall cost, including insurance, and be sure this is what you want to do. Regardless, it is still the safest form of car financing as it prevents needless interest and accumulated charges on debts. These are what to expect through savings.

  • It is easy and safe as there is no interest involved. And if there is no interest, there would be no form of collateral. So you are granted peace of mind using this option.
  • There are no heavy extra costs involved in comparison to using loans. With loans, you might get charged to buy a form that you would fill and other contractual processes. This is not so when you use your money to purchase a car.
  • It is direct. This means when you have your money, you pay. You don’t need to wait for a long period before you own a car. Your money validates ownership.
  • Drawing on all savings could cause you to be in debt, so you’ll need to be careful. Also, if you feel paying at that point is not the right thing, you can always use a hire purchase and pay in installments.

Using loans to buy a car

There is a stark contrast to using your money. It has to do with collateral and interest. It is most times suitable for people with financial constraints. It is like saying, regardless of your constraints, car ownership is still possible. Loans will give you:

  • The opportunity to purchase a car even if you cannot afford it and the time to repay all your loans.
  • It is direct. Meaning you get the car as soon as the loan for it has been granted. You either use loans to fund ownership totally or partially.
  • You can get a competitive interest that won’t in any way hurt your finances. But you need to explore further options.
  • It is easy to get loans. It can even be arranged on phone or via email. It involves no much stress.

The Verdict

Purchasing a car with your money or through a loan is a matter of budget and purpose. Both are the best options and both are ideal. What matters is how much you have and what you need a car for.